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265Re: How are Elementals and Slayers chosen?

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  • Martin MacLoued
    Jan 26, 2007
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      I can see this answer being true, but I also see flaws in it. What
      about when the Champion is needed in LA, then Miami, then Rome? Does
      Aura foot the bill for air travel, put them their magically, or just
      choose a second Champion? I only pose these questions because
      trouble is seldom in one place at any given time.

      --- In knights_fantasy@yahoogroups.com, "Alex" <alideman1@...> wrote:
      > I've posted this once before, but Yahoo isn't working, so I'm
      > again.
      > Anyway, I've never seen Buffy, but I have a few ideas that could
      > your question.
      > I'll start with the easiest. Aura is what choses Elementals and
      > As for how they are chosen, there are several choices. They might
      > be chosen at random, as long as they fulfil certain parameters, like
      > being women. Although I'm not sure if that can be a parameter since
      > there were two male Slayers... Anyway, another choice is what Amber
      > said. Aura might choose whoever is closest to the place where a
      > is needed, and make that person a Slayer/Elemental. A third choice
      > that Aura has many parameters that people must meet to become a
      > or Elemental, and only someone who passes all of them will become a
      > Slayer/Elemental, and the person's location isn't given any
      > consideration unless that's one of the parameters.
      > I think that the answer is a combination of choices two and three.
      > people closest to the area where a Champion will be needed are
      > and then they are checked for all the proper parameters. The one who
      > passes this test become the new Slayer/Elemental.
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