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262Re: What Does Death Mean (in the Context of the Knightverse)?

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  • Alex
    Jan 25, 2007
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      I've tried to post this before as well, but it didn't work either. Knowing yahoo, it'll double post this.

      The way I see it, once you die you leave the standard Knightverse dimensions, and either go to higher dimensions and live there, or you leave the Knightverse universe entirely, and live somewhere completely different.

      Also, there are two types of death. There is absolute death, and partial death. (Or that's what I've named them anyway) Absolute death is the normal type of death, and the kind that you can't return from, unless someone else brings you back. Partial death is like being stuck in the Void was. The people trapped there could return once the Demon Essence that was keeping them there was shattered.  

      Anyway, the point is that death is a transition into the next and higher dimension(s). It is possible that after death different people go to different dimensions. I don't mean Hell and Heaven type places, but different dimensions, like Halo and Realm, only on a higher plane of being.

      I don't know if this cycle of going on to a higher dimension after death continues, or if it stops at some point, but I favor the former, unless the limit is very far off.

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