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257Re: Can a Vampire be Resurrected as a Vampire?

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  • Amber
    Jan 7, 2007
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      Well if we assume my death theory stated earlier or Sam's, where when
      you die you/your soul goes onto another place but isn't gone and we
      assume that vampires are soulless, this could give you some fun
      effects. I would agree that the only way to be brought back is as
      human since vampires have no soul to be pulled back into this world.
      Vampire is merely a state of the body and has nothing to do with the
      person who once inhabited it. An interesting though is what if you
      have a guy named Bob and Bob is made into a vampire so his soul
      departs. Now say Aura decides it's time for Bob to come back or
      somebody resurrects Bob's soul. Could you not have Bob and vampire Bob
      walking around at the same time? Maybe this makes sense or maybe I
      just need sleep.
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