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  • ehoff01
    Interest rates are VERY low. I have an adjustable at 2.95% and also many fixed rate programs as well. Derech agav, Ani Dover Ivrit, Elliot
    Message 1 of 204 , Dec 4, 2001
      Interest rates are VERY low.<br><br>I have an
      adjustable at 2.95% and also many fixed rate programs as
      well.<br><br>Derech agav, Ani Dover Ivrit,<br><br>Elliot
      Hoff<br>650.462.4635 x117<br>elliothoff@...
    • israelhouse
      ************************************************** The Israel Center s New Israeli Voices Presents: Sun, March 10, 7 PM Gil-Ad Harish Attorney,
      Message 204 of 204 , Mar 4, 2002
        **************************************************<br><br>The Israel Center's New Israeli Voices
        Presents:<br>Sun, March 10, 7 PM<br>Gil-Ad Harish<br>Attorney,
        author and a leader of emerging volunteerism and
        philanthropy in Israel<br><br>The official torch lighting
        ceremony is the first act of Yom Ha'atzmaut, taking place
        immediately upon the flag's being raised. Last year the
        torch<br>lighting ceremony focused on the critical role of
        volunteerism in Israel. Such an honor provides official
        recognition from the Israeli public and<br>establishment for
        the social change movement. One of the torches was
        lit by Sharona and Gil-Ad Harish who have spearheaded
        a number of community<br>initiatives. Among their
        many activities they established "Lasova", a soup
        kitchen and "Gagon", a homeless shelter, both in Tel
        Aviv. In the past two years they have been operating in
        various locations and recently opened youth centers in
        impoverished neighborhoods to assist both Jewish and Arab
        residents from these communities.<br>Harish wrote several
        books analyzing and commenting on Israeli society.
        Among them: "Double Parking" - Constructive criticism
        on typical Israeli behavior.<br>Not yet published,
        "Tzur Plan" - A suggested overall reform of
        establishment and society. <br>Areas of expertise: Harish holds
        a degree in Middle Eastern Studies and deals with
        Israeli -<br>Palestinian relations, prosperity and
        economic gaps in Israeli society.<br>Free
        admission<br>Congregation Sha'ar Zahav 290 Dolores St. (at 16th) * San
        Francisco<br><br>Co-sponsored by JCCSF and Congregation Sha'ar Zahav<br>Check
        our web site
        <a href=http://www.israelcentersf.org target=new>http://www.israelcentersf.org</a><br><br>**************************************************<br>The Isareli House is happy to invite you to the next
        screening of the<br>Israeli Movie Club:<br><br>Sat, March
        16th, 8:30 PM <br><br>Saint Clara<br><br>1999. The
        world is on the brink of chaos. In a remote industrial
        town in<br>Israel, Clara, 13, a new immigrant from
        Russia, who comes from a home of bear-hunters, is awarded
        supernatural power for a few days. These powers<br>drive the
        whole town mad: The school bursts in flames, multitudes
        win the lottery and threaten to commit suicide, and
        in addition an earthquake<br>forebodes to destroy
        everything. At the moment of truth, Clara is forced to choose
        between keeping her supernatural powers or her first
        love.<br>Participated in a Festival in Germany , won the first award in
        The Haifa Festival, Israeli Academi Award winner for
        best film and 5 awards in 1996.<br><br><br>(Please
        note change in hour and location)<br><br>Doors open at
        8:00pm, screening starts at 8:30pm sharp<br>
        <br>Cubberley Community Center Room H1<br> 4000 Middlefield
        Rd., Palo Alto<br><br>Tickets (at the door):
        5$<br>Refreshments will be sold<br><br>For more information call
        Iris at (408) 873-0996 or Nirit at (415)
        844-7503.<br><br>Would you like to get some more information about the
        movies? Take a sneak<br>peek on upcoming movie nights?
        View recent events you have missed? Recommend<br>an
        Israeli motion picture movie, documentary or TV series
        that you just need<br>to see? Answers to all your
        questions are at the "Israeli movie Club" home<br>page:
        <a href=http://movieclub.apelbaum.org/, target=new>http://movieclub.apelbaum.org/,</a> write us your comments or wishes and<br>we will
        try to make it happen.
        <br><br>****************************************************************************<br>**************************************************<br><br>More events coming up soon: Mark your calander:<br>The
        MIMUNA, Sat, April 6<br>Yom HaShoa event as part of the
        Israeli Movie Club, featuring "Kastner<br>Trial" with the
        Moti Lerner who wrote the screenplay. Sat, April
        13.<br>"Yom Hazikaron" Mon, April 15
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