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  • Wow – those are beautiful! Definitely a link worth following From: kminternals@^$1 [mailto:kminternals@^$2] On Behalf Of sandrina@^$3 well as wovens. The links included images of work being done on a hacked 970 KM by Philip Stearns, whose knit work may be found here < http://phillipstearns.wordpress.com/machine-knit-glitch-blankets/ >. His art resource page references software...
    Zack Santoro Jul 11, 2013
  • Please include descriptive text in the body of your e-mail when you forward a link. E-mails that contain only links are notorious for being malicious links from a hacked e-mail account. If you don’t include descriptive text that shows you meant to send this link, I would bet a fair percentage of us are NOT going to take the chance & click on it. From: kminternals@^$1 [mailto...
    Zack Santoro Jul 10, 2013
  • This has got to be a hijacked email address. This pleas is a variation of a very common email scam & although I don’t know her personally, I know Cobi from a few different lists and she would not have anything to do with a scam like this. Zack
    Zack Santoro Jun 6, 2012
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  • Does this mean the hack will work on the 940 as well? I had been planning to try & make the cable and follow the steps on the ada site, but then someone had said the hack worked only for the 930 machine. True, not true? Is there hope I could get it working on my (940) machine? From: kminternals@^$1 [mailto:kminternals@^$2] On Behalf Of ysconklin The problem that was discussed on...
    Zack Santoro Mar 26, 2012
  • I am just starting out with an 940 electronic knitting machine after using punchcard models for many years. I am confused by the various interface options, and which ones are absolutely necessary. I can't seem to find anywhere that maps it all out. I don't have a PPD or FB disk drive, nor DAK/cable setup. It is not likely that I will have any of them anytime soon as they seem to be...
    zdknits May 24, 2011