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  • Hello, for all members a good 2006, health and succes. One request: Can everyone send me (per Mail) a simple pattern, created on a KH940 and saved on a FB100? I have only a KH930 and I want to understand, how this pattern is going to save on a disk by a KH940 with more memory like the KH930. Greetings from Germany Holger
    hollimaus Jan 3, 2006
  • --- In kminternals@^$1, Rosalie J Smith wrote: Hi Joan, thank you for this information! > I have the FB100, the PPD, and a 940 and 970, the disc drive works the same with all the Brother electronic machines. > If I understand right, you can save a pattern from KH940 to the disk in the FB100-drive, then you connect the fb100 to your KH970 and you can load this saved pattern into...
    hollimaus Mar 12, 2005
  • Two questions: Is there an difference in communication between the FB100 and KH930/940/950/965/970? Are the parameters between the FB100 and the KM's the same? Greetings Holger
    hollimaus Mar 8, 2005
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  • ...kminternals@^$1 Sent: Sunday, March 06, 2005 7:29 PM Subject: Re: [kminternals] Brother system 90 On Sun, 2005-03-06 at 19:21 +0100, Holger Schefczik wrote: > Hi Alice, > > it's true, the software is from 1991, built by Noth East Wales > Institute Software unit and is called...
    Holger Schefczik Mar 6, 2005
  • Hi Alice, it's true, the software is from 1991, built by Noth East Wales Institute Software unit and is called "brother system90 Into-Shape". I have bought this SW years ago, but I couldn't work with it, because I have no linkcable between KM und my PC. I have tested the sw without connecting my pc to the KM. The sw based on DOS. It works on a normal PC with windows, there in the...
    Holger Schefczik Mar 6, 2005
  • Hi together, I have a question about the cable between the KM an the PC: Is it possible to build a cable with a ttl-to-RS232-level-converter without an external powersupply? The pegel on KM an FB100 is like TTL, the level on RS232 is CMOS. So I need a conveter! I have build a converter with a MAX232-Chip and a Inverter. This cable needs an external powersupply (+5V) for the max232...
    hollimaus Feb 13, 2005
  • Hi John, do you exactly know the software-handshaking-protocol between the KM an the fb100? I have connected my KM with the fb100. With this/my 'handmade'-cable I have also the posibility to read (monitor) the transmit and receive data. If I start the code 550 on KM (format) the following Hex-Code will be send to the FB100: 5A 5A 08 00 F7 0D 46 35 0D Then the FB100 will send the...
    hollimaus Feb 9, 2005
  • --- In kminternals@^$1, "John R. Hogerhuis" wrote: > On Wed, 2005-02-02 at 08:37 +0000, kminternals@^$2 wrote: > > > > > > Hello, > > > > This email message is a notification to let you know that > > a file has been uploaded to the Files area of the kminternals > > group. > > > > File : /Software/SECTOR2.zip > > Uploaded by : hollimaus > > Description : A software to communicate...
    hollimaus Feb 9, 2005
  • Hi John, I want to upload the software sector2.zip to the folder "files" (I told you yesterday). I think it's good to create a new folder "software" in the folder "files". So I can put sector2.zip in this new folder? Ok? Is this the job of the moderator or can I also create the new folder? Sorry about this question, but these group is my first one and therefor I have many quesitions.... -Holger
    hollimaus Feb 1, 2005
  • ...Monday, January 31, 2005 9:25 PM Subject: Re: [kminternals] Hello, I'm a new member of this group On Mon, 2005-01-31 at 12:09, Holger.Schefczik@^$2 wrote: > Hello John, thanks for the welcome. > > Here some facts of me and my experience about knitting, kh930 and so > on...
    Holger.Schefczik@t-online.de Jan 31, 2005