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Re: [kminternals] Re: One-stitch pattern uploaded - initial analysis

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  • John R. Hogerhuis
    ... Well I have a setup for analysis, that s about it. If anyone can think of good experiments to do, let me know and I ll report the results. ... I mostly
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      On Tue, 2004-11-30 at 10:46, mikezcnc wrote:
      > I see that you are very advance in your project.

      Well I have a setup for analysis, that's about it. If anyone can think
      of good experiments to do, let me know and I'll report the results.

      > I looked into forth
      > several times and it is a very powerful language. I never understood
      > why wasn't it picked up over C, but now I recall it was because of
      > documenting; forth is difficult to read if the programmer did not
      > include comments.

      I mostly just use Forth for prototyping. Basically forth "words" can be
      stacked like Legos. You end up making a lot of very simple words that
      can be strung together at the interpreter prompt to do more complex
      stuff. So it's very useful for interactively trying things out, in order
      to get a feel for the protocol or hardware you are dealing with.

      It is probably more useful in embedded systems contexts, particularly on
      constrained systems (8 or 16 bit CPUs or microcontrollers with very
      little RAM).

      I tend to rewrite the final application in C.

      > I wrote couple of emails to different places and gor responce form
      > one that they are looking into helping us out. We'll see.

      Cool! Keep us apprised.

      -- John.
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