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Hi - newbie introduction

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  • Clive
    Hi all, I just joined the group and thought I would introduce myself to you all. I m in North Wales, UK and my wife has a 950i which she hasn t used in 20
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 21, 2013
      Hi all,

      I just joined the group and thought I would introduce myself to you all.

      I'm in North Wales, UK and my wife has a 950i which she hasn't used in 20 years. She's started knitting again and is having to re-learn the basics after all this time - all the more difficult since she's been hand-knitting in the meantime. That's what she tells me, anyhow . . .

      She's got one of the other machines out just to get her started (Brother KX 395 convertible) but wants me to 'do something' about the 950i.

      She had been machine knitting for quite a few years when she bought the (then) 950 but when I saw the possibilities I persuaded her to have it upgraded to the 'i' and bought the Brother System 90 Intoshape software. It transformed the capabilities of the machine - she was running a small business in bespoke knitwear and she could now offer personalised garments with ease. A couple of years later the bottom dropped out of the knitwear market due to cheap imports and the machine was put in mothballs.

      We still have the software - it was written literally just over the hill from us and we went in person to have it demonstrated. We were so impressed we bought it on the spot and had to wait while they copied the disks! Unfortunately the company, Clwyd Technics, went out of business sometime in the 90s if memory serves. AFAIK they never progressed to a Windows version of Intoshape, which is a shame in my opinion.

      It was quite finicky over the PC it would run on - at the time I had an XT running at 10.7 MHz (!) but was told it needed at least a 20 MHz 286. At the time PCs were expensive but I bit the bullet and bought the best I could afford - a 386SX25 (couldn't run to a co-pro DX . . . ) and it ran great. Later I got a 486DX100 and the program didn't seem to like it.

      I can't see that it's going to be happy about the desktop machine I have now - and that's *only* a 2.6 GHz Intel! I intend using an old Toshiba laptop - about 300 MHz IIRC - with some kind of software to slow it down to a speed the program considers suitable. I did once load it on a Windows machine via the DOS window years ago but it had some weird effect on the text boxes - they were just filled in black. No idea why but I suspect some kind of conflict?

      I guess I'll be finding all kinds of glitches as I try to get the machine to 'play' with the laptop - not least of all things like ageing capacitors and such. Hope there aren't any real problems but only time will tell!

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