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Re: [kminternals] Pegi/Steve

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  • M.D.
    Hi The ribber doesn t interact electronically with the Knitting machine on double jacquard. It is a combination of mechanical settings that cause the machine
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 21, 2012

      The ribber doesn't interact electronically with the
      Knitting machine on double jacquard. 
      It is a combination of mechanical settings that cause 
      the machine to produce the fabric.
      Only thing you need for that is to have the machine
      select  the right needles as it must on all color work. 

      As for the color changer automatically changing colors
      Cobi, again not significant at this point. Will explain that 

      I hope to soon have a clearer head, a healed leg and be back
      to work so I can donate some cash to this efforts!

      Again thanks to all involved in making this a solution
      for non techies down the road. 


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      On Apr 21, 2012, at 11:32 AM, "CobiCreations" <thetallasseekids@...> wrote:


      When Doing DBJ to avoid floats, you are using both, the ribber and the machine.....is that the problem????
      It is my understanding that the 930 having less memory when using the Disk drive loads large portions in segments, of a pattern, but the 940 and up can load fully a large pattern in one segment, ie 901,902 etc, I am not experienced on the floppy as I got it reasonably priced to test on the KH970 as a suggestion from a dealer to try to upload the designs that way.....of course it did not work.
      When deciding to do DBJ on a pattern, the carriage setting on the electronics is changed, so would that not be the same way to do it? To date the DBJ I have done is on punch cards, as the KH970 was purchased for that as well.
      There also is an automatic color changer made by Brother, don't have one so not sure how that would play into what you are doing, but my understanding is that it will change up to 6 colors on the KH970, and 2 on the KH930.....not sure that info is correct, not having one to test, but if so, somehow that has to be "read" and acted upon on the machine????
      Also a gal I know input manually her own pattern into her KH940, got it back using the floppy drive and saved it to use on other machines, her 965i could read it but NOT her KH970, she thinks it was how she formatted it.... so there may be other little things that can affect using a pattern across the many models. It appears that each machine may have it's own way of getting info???
      Blessings, Cobi

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