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Re: [kminternals] KH-950i - interfacing - Anyone?

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  • Becky Stern
    Hi Kevin, I can t help with 950-specific info, but the file-01.dat thing is documented in the tutorial on adafruit:
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 5, 2012
      Hi Kevin,

      I can't help with 950-specific info, but the "file-01.dat" thing is documented in the tutorial on adafruit:

      http://ladyada.net/learn/electroknit/backup.html (last part) &

      It's a file that contains all the patterns, and it's made by the emulator, not the knitting machine. Hope that helps a little!


      On Thu, Apr 5, 2012 at 3:06 PM, Kevin <k.blain@...> wrote:


      Let me introduce myself briefly, I'm an embedded electronic engineer by trade, with a girlfriend who has a knitting passion and now a KH950i.

      So I've been playing with the excellent work by Becky, Steve, John, and others to try and get the thing to talk to me.

      Where I'm at:

      Reading and Writing disk images to the laptop seems to be going without much pain, the PDDemulate python script seems to do its job just fine.

      Has anyone actually got it working properly with the 950i?

      So far, there seems to be differences in the file contents to what I've been reading on the net, which is mostly 930 based information.

      For example, the stucture of the 00.dat file looks like it follows the structure mentioned here: https://github.com/adafruit/knitting_machine/blob/master/docs/file-data.txt#L324 but moving on through the doc, where it looks at addresses 0x06e0 onwards, I don't see this, tough I see similar data in the 63.dat file

      I also note that as well as having 00.dat and 01.dat, the contents of the two together appear in file-01.dat - this doesn't seem to be documented anywhere, is this unique to the 950i or has this info just missed documenting up till now?


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