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83Re: [kminternals] create a new folder?!

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  • John R. Hogerhuis
    Feb 1, 2005
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      On Tue, 2005-02-01 at 16:13 +0000, hollimaus wrote:
      > Hi John,
      > I want to upload the software sector2.zip to the folder "files" (I
      > told you yesterday). I think it's good to create a new
      > folder "software" in the folder "files". So I can put sector2.zip in
      > this new folder?
      > Ok? Is this the job of the moderator or can I also create the new
      > folder? Sorry about this question, but these group is my first one
      > and therefor I have many quesitions....
      > -Holger

      Not sure myself.

      Anyway, I created a Software directory. Go ahead and put sector2.zip
      there. You can create a files directory for it if you want.

      If you find it won't let you create folders, let me know and I'll fix


      -- John.
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