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80Re: [kminternals] Hello, I'm a new member of this group

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  • Holger.Schefczik@t-online.de
    Jan 31, 2005
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      Hi John,
      Software: I have forgotten to say, that I have got the software intoshape for kh930/940. I've got this software for little money. The software needs a "normal" PC with Dos, no windows. The software works with no problems: you can create pattern, scan pictures to convert them into pattern, save and print and transfer them to the km or ppd. I couldn't testthe transfer, because at this time I had no cable. in the next time i will try it.
      Is this software helpful for the projects?
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      Subject: Re: [kminternals] Hello, I'm a new member of this group

      On Mon, 2005-01-31 at 12:09, Holger.Schefczik@... wrote:
      > Hello John, thanks for the welcome.

      > Here some facts of me and my experience about knitting, kh930 and so
      > on....

      > I have a kh930, a fb100 disk drive and a ppd. Since November last year
      > I am looking for a possibility to connect my km with my pc. I found
      > several Information in the internet and so I began to work.

      > But the solutions doesn't works (I don't know why) and so I begann to
      > built my own cable to connect the pc with the fb100. The cable had a
      > TTL to CMOS-converter and a nor-gatter to convert rx and tx from +5V
      > to ground an back. It's expensive, but it works good.

      Other serial cables:

      You can use the serial cable from a Tandy Portable Disk Drive 1 or 2
      (this is what I use). Anyway this cable proves that a unpowered cable is
      possible, though I understand there is some electronics in these cables.

      You might be able to use a DAK serial cable.

      >  Then I found a software, based on basic, in the internet for the
      > communication between pc and fb100. The software is called sector2.

      I haven't found that! Could you send me a copy or upload to the files
      section? Thanks! Was this code perhaps for the TRS-80 Model 100?

      >  I had to adapt the software for my system and it also works for 80%.
      > So, now I am able to give instructions to the fb100 and get back the
      > (error) level/codes.

      I have some minimal Forth code that does this too.

      >  At next I will save a simple pattern from km to the disk and then I
      > will try to read the data from the disk into the pc for analyse. I
      > think your analyse will help me. If someone wants the layout and the
      > software, I can put them here into the group.

      That's what we're here for! To collect as much info and code as we can
      to make future projects possible.

      > In the next time I will directly connect the pc to the kh930, because
      > I want to save the pattern directly on the pc. Perhaps I will have the
      > possibility to send pattern by eMail to friends and so an.

      I'd also like someone to figure out the DAK format so that we can do
      conversions to/from .PAT. Unfortunately I don't own a copy, so if
      someone else wants to do that work, or donate their unused copy, I would
      be grateful.

      > To connect a palm or pocketpc with the km is a very good Idea. I hope
      > I can help in next time, although I am not a professional.

      No matter, it sounds like you're capable anyway.

      Welcome on board Holger! It will be nice to have someone to share the
      load with!

      -- John.

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