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8Re: [kminternals] KM-Computers

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  • John R. Hogerhuis
    Nov 29, 2004
      On Mon, 2004-11-29 at 07:19, Kidoodles3 wrote:
      > That is also my goal to control a Brother machine by a modern
      > computer and possibly under windows. You are right that the market
      > for such a device in monopolized.
      > Hello John,
      > About the same time or maybe before DAK, Susan
      > from http://www.cochenille.com/index.html had a setup to use the km
      > with the computer but has since discontinued production of it. At
      > that time I was too new to computers and didn't purchase it. Maybe
      > this device will give you some more information if you could find
      > one.

      Actually I do have one of these "Bitknitter" boxes and the software to
      go with it. It just happened to come with my 930. IIRC, the software is
      for the Amiga, so I may need to use an emulator to try it out.

      It has a connection (9-pin din) for the computer and two devices (8-pin
      header), likely the knitting machine serial port and optical port.

      I opened it up at some point and looked at it... it has two chips
      covered in some kind of glue to prevent reverse engineering I suppose.

      Anyone know how to remove that stuff?

      -- John.
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