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75Re: [kminternals] List purpose

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  • John R. Hogerhuis
    Jan 29, 2005
      On Sat, 2005-01-29 at 12:48, Devav@... wrote:
      > HI:
      > I thought that you were trying to figure out a DAK type thing.
      > DEV

      Yes, that is part of it too.

      The KH930 saves and loads to DAK the same way it saves and loads to a
      disk drive. Basically, DAK acts as a disk drive emulator in this regard.

      Eventually the information I get will be used to create a DAK style
      program for PalmOS. The PalmOS program will act as a disk drive, but
      also allow you to edit programs.

      It would be great is someone also reverse engineered the DAK pattern
      format. Then we would have cross compatibility between the two programs.

      Anyway, I'm starting with the KH930's pattern format since you have to
      start somewhere. The protocol itself is already defined in the
      documentation I've put up in the files section. The only question
      remaining is the details of the data format itself. I've already figured
      out generally how the pattern & memos are formatted, but there are some
      more details to uncover.

      -- John,
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