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66Re: [kminternals] setback

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  • John R. Hogerhuis
    Dec 18, 2004
      On Sat, 2004-12-18 at 15:07, mikezcnc wrote:
      > my machine was damaged in shipping. I warned the person to pack it
      > correctly but it did not prevent a cracked base. Now Fedex is
      > estimating the damages. Funny thing is that hte lady who sent it to
      > me, worked for UPS and "knew all about shipping".

      Sorry to hear that.

      Well if they calculate damage by weight as the airlines do, you should
      be ok ;-)

      The thing you don't want is to get something damaged that's expensive
      and light.

      > The good news is that I have a nice garter carriage.
      > Also, brother in England turned out to be in a joking mood when they
      > said that they didn't have any info, it sounded like a passage from
      > My Fair Lady.

      Well I don't think much help will come through official channels. If
      anything, if somebody has contacts with one-time Brother hardware or
      firmware engineers, maybe one of them could dig up some info for us.
      Engineer to engineer is usually the best way to get information, in my
      opinion. Even if they don't feel ok with giving out docs, most engineers
      feel comfortable answering questions about obsolete products, especially
      as in this case where the company has completely left the business.

      Otherwise, I think we're on our own to figure this stuff out.

      I've posted some preliminary work, and I'm doing more research
      currently, I should have several significant revelations on the format

      -- John.
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