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57I've uploaded 1 stitch/2 row test patterns

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  • jhogerhuis
    Dec 2, 2004
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      I've uploaded all possible test patterns with 2 rows, 1 stitch per
      row. I have included both the .bin and hex dumps as .txt files so
      that the files can be compared to each other.

      I think I'm going to skip straight to 8 stitches X 1 row and 1
      stitch X 8 rows, and after that 11 stitches X 1 row and 1 stitch X
      11 rows. I'm only going to do one pattern of each of the 4 though,
      i.e. I'm not going to go through all on/off permutations.

      BTW, does anyone know if the DAK .PAT format is public? If not,
      anyone with DAK care to generate similar test patterns in .PAT
      format? If we can figure out the native km format eventually we'll
      want to be able to convert to/from DAK format.

      -- John.