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49Re: Passap download cables

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  • jhogerhuis
    Dec 1, 2004
      --- In kminternals@yahoogroups.com, "mapmsmith2" <mapmsmith2@y...>
      > Unlike Brother which requires DAK or a Brother PPD to program
      > patterns, Passap can download directly from a PC using Creation
      > software,

      Well you can also use the control panel to load new patterns, but
      that's just buckets of fun. Possible though if it's a small pattern,
      or if you have more time than money.

      > or WinCrea, free software from Australia. The cable
      > connections were worked out and in the files of the Passap
      > club. I think they also figured out how the DAK Passap cables
      > too but won't publish it because it may violate copyrights.

      Copyright does not protect hardware designs. The only way anyone
      could have any possibility of protecting a hardware design is by
      patenting some aspect of it, but even then the information about how
      to build it is public, and can be posted and reposted as often as
      you like.

      Copyright only protects creative works... books, movies, software,
      songs, tv shows, ... but not hardware designs. The only exception I
      can think of to that statement is VHDL hardware designs since they
      are "software" compiled to hardware, so the VHDL form is protected
      by copyright. You can actually copyright a schematic. But copyright
      only covers that instance of the schematic. If you derived your own
      schematic by looking at the circuit board, it would not be a problem
      to redistribute your own schematic.

      Of course convincing the Passap user group of this is a completely
      different exercise I'm sure. They're probably just "playing it safe"
      but any intellectual property lawyer would tell them the same thing
      I'm saying.

      I'll create a Passap file section if anyone wants to upload
      information on the Passap internals.

      Is source code available for Wincrea? I can imagine that once we
      figure out the Brother pattern formats that adding Brother support
      to Wincrea would not be a very difficult problem.

      -- John.
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