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31Re: DAK charm

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  • mikezcnc
    Nov 29, 2004

      I stopped breathing when I saw the art you created, because art it is.

      Did you use some illusion in it, too? I cannot tell because the
      pattern is very dynamic. Yes, you guessed me right, I actually
      haven't seen any knitting, never seen a machine before if only

      Thank you for encouragement.

      Can you tell me how long did it take you to:

      modify the pattern in DAK?
      make each arm?
      make front?
      make back?
      assemble all together
      total amount of time?

      I want to have a modern version of PPD and FB100 substituted by a PC.
      Let's say, I can buy a design from you that way I could use my PC to
      download it to a knitting machine, assuming no modificatins are
      neccessary (I can see a big business for people modifying patterns on
      DAK for others and it tells me that DAK could have a version of their
      program just for that purpose).


      -- In kminternals@yahoogroups.com, "margaretbheck" <mheck@m...> wrote:
      > Hi Mike,
      > Thought you might like to see an example of what you can do with a
      > knitting machine and DAK. I just uploaded a file to our PHOTOS
      > called example. I bought the sweater pattern from Dale of Norway,
      > scanned the charts and saved them to my computer, entered them in
      > changed the colors to the ones my husband liked, downloaded the
      > to my Brother 970, knit each piece, sewed together by hand and
      > presented to husband. Don't mean to brag....well, maybe I do....
      > this beautiful, intricate design took me about 1/50 of the time to
      > make on the machine as it would by hand. (Yup, I've done that
      > Each piece took me about an hour because of the color changes.
      > Otherwise it would have gone faster.
      > I agree that it would be good to learn your machine first, but if
      > are motivated, you can learn fast and eventually produce wonderful
      > garments. There are some other gentlemen on the yahoo machine
      > knitting lists--great to have you!
      > Don't get me wrong, I LOVE LOVE LOVE DAK, but sounds like you might
      > able to create a program too. Nifty to have both programming and
      > knitting skills. Once you do get knitting, these lists are great at
      > helping you get over bumps in the road.
      > M
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