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28Re: [kminternals] Re: Saving in brother format on floppy disk

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  • John R. Hogerhuis
    Nov 29, 2004
      On Mon, 2004-11-29 at 16:59, mikezcnc wrote:
      > Great info. Once I get the machine I will be able to tell what can be
      > done with it. I am surprised that the knitting machine market is not
      > developed more, relative to CNC market, although I am thankful for
      > DAK. Your comment that KH-940 requires a high human intervention tell
      > me that maybe I don't need the program and cable for a long time
      > because if there are 555 Brother designed patterns stored in ROM
      > then maybe it is practical to use them rather than getting into
      > making my own designs.
      > I also know that there is a Garter accessiry that automates teh
      > machine. Mike

      Actually you can enter patterns completely from the control panel if
      you're really desperate, no PPD or FDD required.

      If someone were interested an a more difficult project, it might be
      interesting to reverse engineer the PPD. It has its own processor in it,
      I don't know what kind. Some Yamaha chip. Maybe it is a z80 workalike or

      Conceivably one could add some code to the M.E.S.S emulator to emulate
      this machine. Get the ROM and you could turn any computer into a PDD.
      Probably the machine is simple enough to even emulate directly on a Palm

      -- John.
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