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274Brother KH 940

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  • BeverlyP
    Mar 24, 2013
      Hi, I am trying to find out if a part is available anywhere!
      This is the large chip on my motherboard. It is marked "F Japan, 416153-A, MB 88551, 309N, 8846, Z05. It is marked in "#6" slot and has the following numbers around the chip. Top back "80 and 65" Right "64 and 41, Front "25", Left is "1 and 24". I am not very micro-tech educated but I think this is the chip that handles the LEDs.

      My machine has no lights working and is giving a constant alarm at times when turned on. I have checked the battery, and all three fuses. They have checked out okay. I am wondering if this chip is the problem because when I was putting everything back together this chip was so hot I thought I had been shocked by it.

      I was setting this machine up to connect to computer and had just gotten a FB100 to start feeding disks into machine to then download to computer.
      Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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