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266Re: [kminternals] Brother Super Cartridge

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  • rita27612
    Jan 5, 2013
      I just checked the dknits website. I see a cable listed :

      IK cable only (See Note:) KH900, KH965, KH970, KH270, CK35 74.00 49.95
      Note: The IK extension consists of a sensor cable + a magnet to mount on carriage (a.k.a. knitlink arm)

      * the 74.00 was apparently the original price and the 49.95 the current one.
      BUT this cable does not transmit pattern signals from the computer. It is used as an addition to the original cartridge for interactive knitting with DAK.

      I note that although Mike has listed Cartridge at $319.95, when I click for further info, it goes to a page describing Brother Super Cartridge for $329.95. And when I click for further info on Cartridge plus K-cable it also goes to the Brother Super Cartridge.

      Apparently the Brother Super Cartridge has replaced the failing original cartridge and the original cartridge plus cable.

      The only other item under $100 on the cables page is the Pattern Explorer software for $39.95 and this is not a cable.


      Sorting my way through these many cables is confusing, but I believe I have it straight. I have used the brother cables frequently and successfully for 965i, 970, 930 and the SR cable 2 (not successfully so I gave up), the Passap cable for interactive knitting, and a couple of cables by Jos Timmerman (BL7 USB and Silverknit with USB cable).


      Reid, if you come to the Triangle Machine Knitters meeting on Saturday the 19th, I will be happy to speak with you in person and possibly show you some of the cables and how they work. I do not have the cartridge,though, but I do have DAK and lots of cables.

      Rita in Raleigh, NC
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