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256img2track version 2 released

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  • Davi Post
    Dec 24, 2012
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      Hi folks --

      We've finally released a MacOSX app version of img2track, my knitting machine software. It has a graphical user interface, and is easy to install. It's been tested with Brother models KH-930 and KH-940. We're eager to hear how it works for those of you with Macs. Windows and Linux versions to follow, pending funding.

      Getting it to talk to the KH-940 was an interesting challenge. The 940 uses a series of 'A' commands to read sector IDs from the floppy disc drive. I think it is checking that the disc is formatted for 32 sectors per track (instead of 2, for the 930). (The 930 has a 2KB memory, the 940 and later models have a 32KB memory.)


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