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254Re: [kminternals] Making DAK silverlink cables

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  • John R. Hogerhuis
    Dec 15, 2012

      On Sat, Dec 15, 2012 at 12:38 PM, D <debbys@...> wrote:

      Has anybody examined the cables that you have to buy for DAK to find out why they're so expensive. It would be nice if they could be "home made."

      There are electronics in a PC to TPDD cable to do level shifting using power from the flow control lines.

      If you can get hold of TRS-80 TPDD cable (either for the TPDD-1 or TPDD-2 drive) they work fine connected to a 930.

      Marty Goodman designed a cable he believed to work, I have never tested it though.

      -- John. 
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