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23KH-930 and KH-940

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  • mikezcnc
    Nov 29, 2004
      Here is an answer I got from Arlene to my question if DAK can control
      a KH-940 and to what extent:

      "You can use the DesignaKnit program with ALL machines, it is easy to
      use the program with the electronics machines, to download and
      upload via the PPD port on the machine. The 930 and 940 (in my
      opinion) are the easiest ones to use with DAK.
      Take care
      Arlene Baart

      Arlene's Fashion Knits

      I went to her website and noticed that it is a very clear
      website...well, the german website was also awsome

      I also got an answer from a US dealer:

      "You will need cable 1 which is $80 for the 940 and DesingaKnit $499
      for the professional version. $395 for the standard version.
      DesignaKnit downloads to all electronic knitting machines.
      Thank You

      Irene Sumler

      Knitcraft Inc.

      500 N Dodgion

      Independence MO 64050

      816-461-1248 Hand Yarn Orders and Tech. Support

      816-461-4912 Warehouse

      www.knitcraft.com www.designaknit.com

      www.silverreed.com www.fittinglysew.com

      If I conseder that I can have a program with cable for $500 and the
      optionbeing to spend a similar amount for FB100 and PPD then it makes
      no sense going back in time to 1988 or earlier.

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