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227Re: [kminternals] Interfacing to more than just the 930

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  • Steve Conklin
    Apr 20, 2012
      Wow, that's a major screw up and it's been there forever. Sorry about that.

      I fixed the wiki and you can now create an account, which will be reviewed and approved.


      The login page should have a link to request an account.


      On Thu, Apr 19, 2012 at 7:31 AM, Kevin Blain <kevin.blain@...> wrote:

      I would, but I can't create an account on the wiki...


      On 19 Apr 2012, at 13:25, Steve Conklin <steve@...> wrote:


      This is all really great information! I think it's time to create some tables showing which machines have compatible formats and what the other differences are.

      I have suspected that the multi-color programming uses some of the memory locations which are unknown so far, so maybe we have a way to expand that knowledge.

      Also, the fact that the 970 doesn't work like the rest may mean that Cobi's machine isn't broken after all.

      Please feel free to create or modify the wiki pages on antitronics with information that you discover. Here is the base page for knitting machine info:


      On Thu, Apr 19, 2012 at 6:50 AM, Kevin <kevin.blain@...> wrote:

      So I've been working on talking to the KH-950i machine using software based on Steve's package for the KH-930 and things are looking good.

      Over the weekend, I opened up the spectrum somewhat, but adding on a few other devices to the table. As well as picking up a FB-100 floppy drive, I was able to pick up a PPD-110 and a couple of cartridges, including one for multi colour patterns. I also spent a bit of time playing with a KH-970 machine.

      As it stands, using the PPD device, I can create images on the cartridge for the following machines:

      KH930, KH940, KH950i, KH270

      and transfer images from the PPD to the machine - the PPD emulates a floppy drive at this point.

      I also know that the image created for the 950i works happily on the 965, 965i and 970.

      However, the PPD uses at least one other command (M) which is not implemented in the emulator which Steve wrote, so I'm working on adding this is so that I can save directly from PPD to emulator.

      Connecting to the 970 yielded it's own problems, and I didn't have any test gear with me, so was unable to work out exactly why, but the 970 was unable to detect the emulator, so I'm thinking there is a handshaking line or maybe just voltage levels which threw me off - will investigate!

      The multicolour cartridge is quite interesting (Copyright 1994), as it allows a 4 colour pattern to be designed, with a limitation of 3 colours per row.

      The multicolour cartridge works on 1 of 4 different modes:

      1) KH940, 950i, 270
      2) KH930
      3) KH900
      4) KH965, 965i

      I believe this works by using 3 memory rows per knitted row, 1 for each colour allowed on that particular row. The maximum pattern size drops from 998 rows to 332 rows, which stacks up.

      I don't yet know if there's any information about which 3 colours are used on each row, but I have the manual, so I guess I should take a read.

      Interesting times....


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