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201Electronics on KH970 CB1

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  • CobiCreations
    Apr 11, 2012
      Hi Kevin and Steve especially...as I am hoping that maybe you can help me. I purchased a KH970 awhile back from a dealer to use with DAK as my KH930 as you know, would not take a full large pattern. I am a 60 year old that knows little about computers, other than how to navigate for my specific design programs for machine embroidery, and DAK, and of course I can navigate internet sites. I also am dyslexic, so after months of trying all sorts of "solution suggestions" from repair folks, none have worked. It will load the patterns that are already in the machine, but NOT from the FB100 or from the DAK program with the correct cable. The message get is that the cables are not connected, but they are. I bought pin protectors, as tow repair folks thought it might be the pins. I bought a new cable as someone suggested my cable might be bad (yet it loads to the KH930). I bought several books (I am dyslexic, but not as challenged as some are) and the detailed explanations I followed the best I can, to no avail.

      After 3 more days of frustration (again) doing all the steps over and over again with the manuals and books,(done this more times than I care to remember) I still got the same messages on the CB1 unit, so again called repair folks I know of, and one gentleman informed me that it is a problem with the mother board, that unlike the K930 mother board,(which I did replace a couple of years ago myself) that completely shuts down, the KH970 board may fail in one area, and not another, which is why I never suspected the CB1 units board, since I could bring up a pattern from the ones already in the machine. I have spent including for the machine itself which was $1,500.00 about $1,900 to try to get a solution to upload to the machine failures. Now the gentleman also told me that often once one portion of that mother board fails, it may or may not completely fail. He also indicated that there is "no fix" for the board, as there are no replacements available.

      I am so disappointed, as the whole purpose of purchasing this machine was to be able to upload my own designs from DAK in one step. I am not home much (drive an 18 wheeler) so time is very precious as I knit on the machines almost non-stop for charity as well as trying to develop a small business for the future, and all my Christmas gifts to friends and family. To be honest, tis machine frustration has driven me to tears, as I kept thinking it was "operator error", as the knitting groups I asked for help in all suggested that it was me, not he machine. Without the capability of the CB1 to work properly, and the fear of it failing entirely, and no "help in site from a repair", I am just "undone", as to get this machine to begin with I sold a Husqvarna/Viking Designer 1 very reluctantly to be able to pay for it. Is there any hope you can offer? At this point I have only made one baby blanket from the designs already in the machine, and each time I do get home, I try again to no avail. I read your post, and realize you are light years ahead of what my brain can understand, being of the generation that came very late to computers, combined with the dyslexia that goes into full throttle as my brain tries to read and understand technology beyond my comprehension, though I try! Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated! TIA, Blessings, Cobi
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