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20Re: Saving in brother format on floppy disk

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  • mikezcnc
    Nov 29, 2004
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      I wasn't able to locate the Infoshape 90.

      RadioShack disk drive. You are possibly referring to TPPD and TPPD 2.
      This is exactly what John posted in the file section. I also added
      several links to TRS100 group that mention details about that drive.

      I tried to runa demo of DAK and got a message that program won't run
      on DOS nor Windows and something about 16 bits. It is a well
      documented problem with windows that I see on occasion using software
      designed for DOS and then window'ized.

      However, looking at the screenshot examples I must admit that it
      sounds sweeter and sweeter to be able to run a Brother knitter under
      windows (I am sure that I am the only person in tee world that has
      that installation problem and it has nothing to do with DAK being a
      fine program). For $450 I would expect DAK to fly right out of the
      setup without even needing windows. Dejavu.. that's why we are here.
      Questions to a dealer of DAK went unanswered, questinos to DAK are
      probably also in a queue.


      --- In kminternals@yahoogroups.com, "mapmsmith2" <mapmsmith2@y...>
      > I have a brother floppy disk drive and a PC can't read the info on
      > the disks. If someone can figure how to write onto a brother
      > disk format using a regular PC then that would also work. I heard
      > that the floppy disk drive is really a Radio Shack product and that
      > someone figured out how to convert an old floppy disk drive into a
      > Brother one. (I think I saw it on the list host forsale list but I
      > am not sure anymore.)
      > I also posted on another list that Infoshape 90 was an old program
      > that works just like DAK but only with Brother machines. Alice
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