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185KH910 Electronics Faulty

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  • Carol_Claxton
    Mar 26, 2012
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      Hello I am new to this group. Could anybody help me with a service manual or wiring diagram for a Brother KH910 and a 950I. My Machines have been in the loft for a few years, but I now have more time and would like to use them again, But sadly the other day when I set them up and then turnned them on a noise and puff of smoke came from under the needles on the right hand side of the machine, just near the end that the mains lead plugs in.

      I am hoping that it could be just a simple component that has gone which could be bought locally, my husband is a ex tv enginer. I did make enqiries with a shop and they said it would cost £45 to repair, but it would cost me more to send them to them for repair, they are at the other end of the country.

      So I thought that if I had some more details of what it could be I could ask my Husband to repair them for me.

      Waiting with fingers crossed, I so enjoyed using my machines before.
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