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172RE: [kminternals] Just starting out

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  • Kidoodles3
    May 26, 2011

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      I am just starting out with an 940 electronic knitting machine after using punchcard models for many years.

      I am confused by the various interface options, and which ones are absolutely necessary. I can't seem to find anywhere that maps it all out. I don't have a PPD or FB disk drive, nor DAK/cable setup. It is not likely that I will have any of them anytime soon as they seem to be either rare or expensive, or both.

      I'm running Windows XP on a laptop (ergo no serial port). I am a reasonably proficient end-user rather than a programmer.

      So, can someone confirm for me that following these directions to make a cable
      should allow me to connect my laptop directly to my machine?

      Then I need some sort of disk emulator software on my computer? Do I need to use the same one as on her tutorial, or will the one that has the simulated look/feel of the FB100 also work?

      If I program a stitch pattern on a friend's PPD & send it to my machine, I should then be able to upload it to my PC to store it for future use?

      What if I want to design in the future (without lugging my 940 over to my friend's house to use her PPD)? Is there design software that will work specifically with the cable & FB100 emulator? Am I correct in understanding that one pixel = a stitch? Will any program like Paint or CorelDraw that lets me save an image as a bitmap file work? Or do I still need DAK? What do you use/recommend?

      OK, sorry, I've probably asked way too many questions. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me. :)


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