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142Re: cables

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  • i4getmyid
    Sep 20, 2008
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      I've had the site bookmarked for a long time. I know that eventually, I
      will get not only one cable, but two. I own a brother and a passap.

      It's still interesting to figure out what is going on inside the
      machines & programs.

      I'm amazed that it took so long to make usb cables available to the
      public. For YEARS, we have been holding on to old laptops, so we could
      use the old cables. Usb converters gave unreliable results.

      We are not a large part of the computer market, but we deserved better.

      Paying for upgrades, new hardware is part of the game. But, paying for
      upgrading to OLD tech is puzzling to me. New tech for Dak would be, to
      me, wireless, not usb.
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