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137Re: [kminternals] Re: New to List

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  • John R. Hogerhuis
    Feb 5, 2008
      On Feb 5, 2008 10:55 AM, mapmsmith2 <mapmsmith2@...> wrote:

      > Another question has anyone figure out a way of writing a pattern on
      > a PC and writing in as a floppy disk to be able to import into the
      > brother knitting machines?
      > thanks Alice

      Well, I've accessed sectors before, when I was working on deciphering
      the pattern format.

      But the work to decipher the pattern format itself is unknown at least
      outside of proprietary software vendors.

      You could make a backup/restore facility without knowing the pattern
      format, though. Reading/writing sectors is covered completely in the

      -- John.
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