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  • mapmsmith2
    Feb 5, 2008
      Thanks for the info. Will be my next PC/knitting project. Haven't
      written basic routines for many years except for visual basic with

      I've been inactive on this list for a while, has anyone successfully
      communicated from PC to knitting machine directly. Seems like if you
      can write from the Brother disk to a CD via computer can the
      information be downloaded directly to the knitting machine bypassing
      the disk drive?

      Another question has anyone figure out a way of writing a pattern on
      a PC and writing in as a floppy disk to be able to import into the
      brother knitting machines?
      thanks Alice

      --- In kminternals@yahoogroups.com, "John R. Hogerhuis" <jhoger@...>
      > On Feb 4, 2008 2:47 PM, mapmsmith2 <mapmsmith2@...> wrote:
      > > Would be interested in copying my floppies on to CD if you can
      > > me the instructions. Also back to floppies if possible, always
      > > worried about loosing the data on the disks since they are getting
      > > old. But will have to keep the disk reader as an interface I
      > > Unless you can hook up a cd reader to the machines I guess.
      > > Alice
      > Well it can be done, it isn't hard but it requires writing a
      > The command sequences for the "FDC" or "floppy disk controller" mode
      > are described in
      > Files->PDF->m100disksm.pdf
      > Also you need a cable to connect the drive to PC serial port.
      > -- John.
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