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131Re: [kminternals] Re: New to List

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  • John R. Hogerhuis
    Sep 19, 2007
      On 9/19/07, Maggie <brue@...> wrote:
      > Thanks so much for the website - its exactly what I was looking for!
      > A friend of mine told me about them - they are advertised in the UK
      > and becomming popular but she doesnt have a machine any longer so
      > has not tested it.
      > Has anyone here on the list every used one of these? They sound
      > great and PC compatible too:) downside is they dont take the
      > floppies so I would have to find a way of converting them (
      > manually). My floppy disk drive is just about dying so I think I
      > may need this as a replacement.
      > Thanks again for the url - great find:)
      > Maggie

      I know enough about the disk drives to transfer raw data to other
      media (CD) if that helps.

      It's just a small matter of having a description of the file format to
      convert to :-)

      BTW, FB100 drives are usually repairable.. I've repaired mine in the past.

      -- John.
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