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  • Maggie
    Sep 16, 2007
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      Hi John
      Thanks for the reply - but the product that I am asking about is
      called 'Cartridge' and I was wondering if anyone on the list has
      seen/tried one?
      I understand the confusion with the PDD ( that's what I thought my
      friend was talking about too!).
      When 'Cartridge' is inserted in the PPD 120, it behaves as a Brother
      cartrdige and you can transfer patterns (tracks) between the PPD and
      the 940 and also from the 940 to the PPD. So far nothing new.

      When you take 'Cartridge' out of the PPD and hook it up via USB to
      your computer,you can transfer tracks from 'Cartridge' to the PC and
      also from the PC to Cartrdige. Your PC acts as (intelligent) floppy
      The intelligence is in the fact that you can compose a track on the
      PC and also split a track on the PC (software is delivered with
      There is also some other functionality in the driver program like
      browsing designs.

      I am assuming that the OS must now be Windows compatible or at
      least have a mapping table for the Brother >PC link, but am still
      really at a loss as to how the thing works. Anyone here ever seen
      or used one of these?


      --- In kminternals@yahoogroups.com, "John R. Hogerhuis" <jhoger@...>
      > On 9/11/07, Maggie <brue@...> wrote:
      > > Hi all
      > > I am new to the list, would like to know if anyone here has ever
      > > used/heard of the 'cartridge' accessory? I have a friend that
      > > about one, sound like its a floopy drive but converts the brother
      > > FB100 format into a windows os via a USB? We think it may be a
      > > European product ( Dutch?) but not sure about that.
      > > I would love to have more information but dont seem to able to
      > > down any information at all on it. Would be really grateful if
      > > someone on this list could point me in the right direction.
      > >
      > > Kind regards,
      > > Maggie
      > >
      > Are you talking about a pattern computer? These are units that
      > to a TV. You can load cartridges into it with patterns or design
      > own pattern on screen. It emulates the Brother FB100 "Floppy Disk
      > Controller Emulation Mode" sufficiently that you can connect it to
      > KM and load patterns to/from the KM memory. I have a Knitking
      > computer.
      > They are not usb or windows compatible.
      > Software like DesignaKnit basically does the same function as the
      > pattern computer.
      > -- John.
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