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11Re: Brother Electronic knitter

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  • jhogerhuis
    Nov 29, 2004
      --- In kminternals@yahoogroups.com, "mikezcnc" <eemikez@c...> wrote:
      > what would allow us to connect a computer to an electronic Brother

      > machine. Schematics, protocols, anything. Jim, the owner of that

      Note: name's John, and Yahoo "owns" the group by any reasonable
      definition, I'm just the creator and lenient/benevolent
      moderator :-)

      > group already psoted some valuable information. I am new to the
      > and new to knitting machines but I find them fascinating. i also
      > believe that DAK (Design-a-knit' is WAY overpriced for the type of

      > hobby. Then it requires an expansive cable ($100 but I am not sure

      DAK is probably a bit overpriced, which a monopoly can get you,
      *but* we don't need any enemies. This information/code/whatever we
      come up with is for everybody, including them. I'm not sure if
      they've completely ferreted out the data format themselves. If they
      can get some use out of some detail we come up with, great. If they
      want to help, that would be great too, but I'm not holding my

      But hopefully we don't look at them as an enemy. The provide the
      leading product in the category, for such an old machine I'd say
      mk's are lucky to have a commercial supporter.

      That said, no one is guaranteed a monopoly on protocol information
      (unless it's somehow patented). So I believe we are free to go as
      deep here as we like.

      > If someone uses a DAK, could you tell us if it uses a parallel or
      > serial port on a computer? Is this a specialized cable bought for
      > $100, or is it a standard parallel printer cable? or if it is a
      > specialized cable did it come with that program?

      Well for "follow along" type knitting I think you need to use the
      optical interface. But for sending/receiving patterns you use the
      serial interface.
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