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Re: [K-Logs] Electronic Portfolios for Students (a K-Log?)

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  • Craig Jordan
    John- I had no idea this was going on. As the parent of a 6th grader, I would absolutely love it if my son s school used such a system. I would like to know
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 12, 2002

      I had no idea this was going on. As the parent of a 6th grader, I would
      absolutely love it if my son's school used such a system.

      I would like to know more about this. Do you have examples that you can
      point to?

      How is this managed for public schools where student computer time is often
      a limited resource?


      On 12/11/02 11:54 AM, "John Robb" <jrobb@...> wrote:

      > Dear K-Loggers,
      > There are over 1,000 schools worldwide (Caltech, Berkeley, Harvard, Dartmouth,
      > Innsbruck, Vanderbilt, Cambridge, Iowa, Middlebury, Washington, Nebraska
      > Public Schools, Denver Public Schools, and many more) using UserLand's Manila
      > (mainly due to its broad feature-set, easy set-up, scalability, and low cost
      > -- a single $299 server license can support 500 or more full featured
      > weblogs). As a result of this widespread adoption, I get to spend a lot of
      > time talking to educators about how best to use K-Logs within an educational
      > context.
      > A new and exciting area of development that I have been talking to educators
      > about is the student managed electronic portfolio. This is a website that
      > documents everything a student accomplished while at school in electronic
      > form. These portfolios include original writing, links to resources,
      > documents (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), pictures, audio files, and video
      > files. It seems to me that this is a perfect application of K-Logs in
      > education. Here's why:
      > 1) The construction of an electronic portfolio is a structured program. This
      > makes it very easy to identify what material needs to be posted and when it
      > should be posted. This eliminates the writer's block that impedes the
      > development of some educational K-Log efforts.
      > 2) A K-Log's built-in time organization makes it easy to develop and maintain
      > a portfolio over an entire academic career. This would allow students and
      > teachers (or parents and teachers in conference) to review progression over a
      > month, semester, or year.
      > 3) K-Logging tools support point and click posting of pictures, documents,
      > audio, and video files. Further, students can assign real world names to
      > these files to allow them to quickly re-publish them at a later date if
      > warranted (for example: all you need to do to include a photo in a weblog is
      > type the name of picture in double quotes and hit "publish." The picture
      > would auto-magically appear formatted in the post.)
      > 4) K-Logging tools make it easy to move a site from one location to another.
      > For example, a copy of a 7-8th grade portfolio can easily be moved to the high
      > school's Manila server to allow the student (and readers) continuity.
      > 5) A portfolio published as a K-Log is automatically syndicated as a newsfeed.
      > This makes it easy for a parent to subscribe to their children's portfolio
      > with their newsreader of choice (like Radio). So, in this case I could get
      > news headlines from the NYTimes along with updates on what my kids have been
      > doing at school. Nice.
      > Personally, I think its great that schools are starting to do this. The early
      > establishment of the habit of documenting work online is going to be something
      > that will pay dividends throughout life. This is an important step on the
      > road to a knowledge sharing culture.
      > Sincerely,
      > John Robb
      > http://jrobb.userland.com
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