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  • justin klubnik
    ... From: Eric Hanson To: justin@madskills.com Sent: Wednesday, August 14, 2002 5:36 PM Subject: [rageller2001@yahoo.com: [K-Logs] RSS Feed Filtering] ...
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      From: "Eric Hanson"
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      Subject: [rageller2001@...: [K-Logs] RSS Feed Filtering]

      > Thought this would be a cool fyuze feature.
      > Eric
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      > > Not interested in news or information by the pound, just want to be
      > > alerted when specific news or topics break according to keywords,
      > > search phrases, and/or company names.

      fyuze already has this capability. to try it out, just go to the
      customization page and click "create a new search agent". this will pop up a
      small form to fill out where you can enter the keyword or phrase as well as
      select a source to search. selecting "fyuze" as the source searches through
      fyuze's stash of headlines, returning the most recent items containing your
      search term(s). selecting "daypop" will instruct fyuze to query daypop for
      the keywords or phrase and return the results to you. as with all other
      content sources you can also control how many results are returned, as well
      as the level of detail displayed. (as soon as I get SOAP running, you'll be
      able to query Google as well).

      if neither keywords nor specific sites exactly fit your needs, you can also
      subscribe to catagories. that is, you can subscribe to something like
      "politics" or "technology" or "linux". just browse to the catagory or your
      liking, and click on "subscribe to this category". the content you see will
      be a compilation of all new content in that category (you can also control
      whether of not to include subcategories), and again, you can control the
      number of item shown as well as the level of detail. you can browse the
      catagories newspaper style at http://fyuze.com/daily/ .

      <disclaimer for="klogs">
      i am the author and maintainer of fyuze.
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