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466Temporary Knowledge Center / Ops Center

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  • Bryan Strawser
    Jun 20, 2004
      I lead the security operation in the Metro Boston area for a large
      national retail chain. One event I'm planning for right now is the
      Democratic National Convention, which is going to create significant
      traffic and business disruptions for our stores - and that's if nothing

      We're going to be standing up a temporary operations center at our
      offices outside of Boston in order to monitor the situation and manage
      a crisis if there is an event. We're going to be using some knowledge
      management tools - notably Mission Mode - http://www.missionmode.com
      and am planning on keeping an ongoing diary of our experiences using
      Movable Type in a weblog format - this will allow us to share our
      experiences in realtime with our counterparts in NYC, who are planning
      for the Republican Convention later this year.

      The questions that I have for the group are as follows:

      1) Any resources or examples of similar situations that you're aware
      of? or your own experiences? I certainly don't want to reinvent the
      wheel here.

      2) Any other knowledge management tools that may be beneficial for us?

      Thanks - have been enjoying the conversations here in the group,
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