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465Weblogs in education

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  • John Robb
    Jun 14, 2004
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      Dear K-Loggers,

      Here is an excellent article by Giles Turnbull for the BBC on weblogs in education:


      Selected quotes:

      "Children at Hangleton Junior School in Hove, Sussex, have been using weblogs in their spare time to learn more about things that interest them, but as a result their performance in class has improved."

      "There's a degree of trust involved. They know that if they post anything they shouldn't, their weblog will be taken away from them."

      John set up an after-school club about weblogging at Hangleton, and it has become so popular that nearly half the school turns up for some sessions.

      The school's weblogs project has been so successful that it has just been shortlisted for a New Statesman New Media Award, an annual event highlighting the best web development in the UK.

      "Rather than using a weblog as a platform for an individual voice, you can use it for a collaboration of many voices. A class of students doing a project on the environment might want to start a weblog about their local river; because it's online, it might attract interest from local residents and policy-makers too. The local community can be drawn in on something that, without the weblog, would have been isolated within the school."


      John Robb

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