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461RSS will soon be the standard for online news consumption

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  • John Robb
    Jun 4, 2004
      Dear K-Loggers,

      Here is a nice overview of really simple syndication (RSS) by the online journalism review. Basically, RSS is starting to become the standard way to consume news (which should serve as a signal to organizational K-Loggers that they should distribute RSS aggregators -- either desktop or server software -- as part of their efforts).

      At minimum, an RSS aggregator as part of your portal solution is a must-have (note: you don't have to pay for most of this content, so you can save some serious money by avoiding the content aggregation companies that charge for this -- see the list in the article for some news feeds you can use).


      Note the ramp in the growth of files served by the Christian Science Monitor (see the stories graphic).

      The NYTimes, Reuters, the BBC, and most other news organizations have opted to offer RSS delivery.

      It's time to increase the productivity of your organization by making it possible for them to utilize this new delivery mechanism. BTW, I helped to negotiate the NYTime's launch of their RSS feeds, which served as the critical early adopter that drove the rapid growth of this trend.


      John Robb

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