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460Re: RSS as a way to manage file distributions (revised)

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  • crojaniac
    Jun 2, 2004
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      Wayne asked whether its standard for blogs (specifically MT) to
      support file attachments and inclusion of those in the RSS feed.

      You have to consider both the blog software capabilities and the RSS
      reader capabilities.

      Not sure if Movable Type has this functionality. It will depend on
      how they handle attachments in the first place (are they put in a
      directory and referred to, or are they attached directly to a post)
      and on how they write their RSS feed.

      Traction Software (fair disclosure, I work at Traction) does allow
      for attachments and inclusion of them. I use Newsgator in my
      outlook. Newsgator lets me discriminate based on the feed whether or
      not I want to include file enclosures. In some feeds (i.e. my own
      intranet blog) I often want to see all attachments without clicking
      through. But I dont want to download 1MB+ attachments from other
      feeds, it would eat my bandwidth and unnecessarily take storage on
      my system (the problem I am trying to get away from).

      The key to me, in context of John's discussion about making K-Logs
      (or P-Logs or B-Logs or plain old weblogs) work is to provide that
      file in context of the situation it was used, rather than on a shelf
      somewhere. Whether it was the note about the meeting where the PPT
      was presented or if its the product requirement writeup with an
      attached timetable or phase review presentation.


      --- In klogs@yahoogroups.com, "infosential" <wayne@i...> wrote:
      > John
      > fascinated by the RSS enclosure functionality.
      > Is this widely available - now? and if so do you know if Movable
      > Type has the capability.
      > many thanks
      > Wayne
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