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453RE: [K-Logs] Will people use K-logs?

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  • Marvin Goldstein
    May 26 3:02 PM

      Shouldn't this discussion include something about business value, i.e.,
      ability to easier/better tie the content in a K-Log to a company's business
      priorities? It seems that content is a variable in usage.


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      Subject: [K-Logs] Will people use K-logs?

      Dear K-Loggers,

      The biggest hurdle that faces any knowledge management tool is: will people
      use it? The key to surmounting this hurdle is threefold:

      1) The tool must be EASY to use.

      2) The tool must deliver visible benefits immediately.

      3) The tool must gain value as more people use it (network effects).

      A quick review of most existing knowledge management tools fails all three
      counts. They are often bewilderingly complex (Lotus), the benefits are
      difficult to measure (particularly from the perspecitive of an individual
      user), and the tool's value is the virtually the same regardless of the
      number of people using it.

      In contrast K-Logs measure up well. Here's how:

      1) The tool is easy to use: a) write something > b) hit post to Weblog That
      is all it takes to contribute.

      2) The tool provides quickly visible benefits: a) I create a K-Log > b)
      Iinform my co-workers > c) my co-workers can quickly and easily keep up to
      date on what I am doing (thinking) by reading my K-Log.

      3) The tool provides network effects: a) the more people with K-Logs the
      greater the number of knowledge streams I can subscribe to (RSS), b) the
      greater the number of K-Logs the greater the searchable number of Web pages
      on the Intranet, and c) the more K-Logs the better the knowledge network
      cloud works (hotlists, most recent updates, etc.).


      John Robb

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