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452Re: [K-Logs] Will people use K-logs?

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  • Gautam Ghosh
    May 26, 2004
      Hi John

      Interesting points. I'd also love to see the time when one can
      verbally "talk" into a Blog !

      I guess there exist Blogs which have video and audio content ....!

      That would be a quantum jump in knowledge sharing


      On Wed, 26 May 2004 04:38:20 -0700 (PDT), John Robb <jrobb@...> wrote:

      > In contrast K-Logs measure up well. Here's how:
      > 1) The tool is easy to use: a) write something > b) hit post to Weblog That is all it takes to contribute.
      > 2) The tool provides quickly visible benefits: a) I create a K-Log > b) Iinform my co-workers > c) my co-workers can quickly and easily keep up to date on what I am doing (thinking) by reading my K-Log.
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