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445KM in international org - a query

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  • raja_azlan_shah_aziz
    May 7, 2004
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      Should an International org implement a gradual approach on KM or a
      full force approach. The full force implementation means that the org.
      is planning to purchase a high-end content management system with the
      ability to accomodate KM. The idea to implementing a full force
      approach was because another branch office (one office) in the world
      had tested KM and apparently 'it works'. I realise that learning
      culture plays an important role prior to adopting technology into KM,
      and this can be supported by many articles.

      I have no experience in implementing real life KM but I have been
      studying KM for quite sometime and no, I do not get paid for this :)
      It is just a query from someone who is implementing KM to their
      worldwide offices and he was telling me of this idea. My query is,
      what will the consequences be if an organisation adopt the full force
      approach, which in my point of view, it is similar as applying a
      top-down or 'push' approach - well it is not wrong. If I had the
      ability to say something, I would say, 'No'. Is that correct?

      Please advise. Thanks in advance.