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443Re: [K-Logs] Categorizing organizational weblogs

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  • David Davies
    Apr 26, 2004
      Perhaps there's an additional perspective from which weblogs could be
      viewed, that of weblog tools as personal content management systems. When
      thought about in this way the weblog becomes more than just a place to write
      stuff. The tool can link the weblogger and his/her audience to interesting
      data sources in a more personalized way than through generic access points.
      Portalized you might say (would Paul Browning care to comment?). For
      example, virtual learning environments. For me engaging with a VLE is as
      much about managing the data as well as managing the process, particularly
      from the teacher perspective though increasingly so from the student's
      perspective. I have data kept in many different formats in many different
      systems, some of which I use for personal development, research, some for
      teaching, admin, and often the boundaries and unclear. Just as we're now
      familiar with weblog aggregators assembling functional units of other
      people's weblog posts, then so we might think of the more advanced
      weblogging tools as being able to aggregate & assemble and disaggregate &
      reassemble other forms of data. For me the weblogging revolution is just the
      tip of the personal content management revolution iceberg.


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