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442Educational e-porfolios

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  • John Robb
    Apr 26, 2004
      Dear K-loggers,

      Here is an old post on e-portfolios that you may have missed:


      Relevant sections of the post:

      A new and exciting area of development that I have been talking to educators about is the student managed electronic portfolio. This is a website that documents everything a student accomplished while at school in electronic form. These portfolios include original writing, links to resources, documents (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), pictures, audio files, and video files. It seems to me that this is a perfect application of K-Logs in education. Here's why:

      1) The construction of an electronic portfolio is a structured program. This makes it very easy to identify what material needs to be posted and when it should be posted. This eliminates the writer's block that impedes the development of some educational K-Log efforts.

      2) A K-Log's built-in time organization makes it easy to develop and maintain a portfolio over an entire academic career. This would allow students and teachers (or parents and teachers in conference) to review progression over a month, semester, or year.

      3) K-Logging tools support point and click posting of pictures, documents, audio, and video files. Further, students can assign real world names to these files to allow them to quickly re-publish them at a later date if warranted (for example: all you need to do to include a photo in a weblog is type the name of picture in double quotes and hit "publish." The picture would auto-magically
      appear formatted in the post.)

      4) K-Logging tools make it easy to move a site from one location to another. For example, a copy of a 7-8th grade portfolio can easily be moved to the high school's Manila server to allow the student (and readers) continuity.

      5) A portfolio published as a K-Log is automatically syndicated as a newsfeed. This makes it easy for a parent to subscribe to their children's portfolio with their newsreader of choice (like Radio). So, in this case I could get news headlines from the NYTimes along with updates on what my kids have been doing at school. Nice.

      Personally, I think its great that schools are starting to do this. The early establishment of the habit of documenting work online is going to be something that will pay dividends throughout life. This is an important step on the road to a knowledge sharing culture.


      John Robb

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