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  • I've been wanting an excuse to share my experience with homemade ply TTs. Varnished ply would be hard to spot in the water. Go to a ship Chandlery and they will put you onto the right stuff of any colour. I have built a LARGE TT from 4mm ply for training purposes. It's 3000mm by 50mm and weighs just under 5kg. This board ollows me to put a beginner on the water in light wind,with a...
    aussiedurko Jan 1, 2004
  • --- In kitesurf@^$1, "Jan Coffey" wrote: > gday, > > Where do you get your forcasts? I like IKitesuf.com for the US, > looking for somethign simmilar. > > Jan http://www.weatherzone.com.au
    aussiedurko Oct 6, 2003
  • Hi all! I've been trying to find information on making an extralong Chicken Loop for my ARX. Can some-one help me with some instruction please? I sail in large wind ranges and need to compensate for the gusts quickly. Advise on adjustment and line length would also be appreciated. Durko
    aussiedurko Sep 12, 2003
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  • Please view Gavins' comments as plain old tourist poaching. Tch!Tch!. November is considdered the best time of year, for kite surfing on the East coast. Start off at Botany Bay and work your way North. Make sure you visit WA, though....................next time you come to Australia :-) Durko
    aussiedurko Sep 12, 2003
  • Good Grief: your suggestions have hit the nail on the head. using smaller than customary kites perhaps with > custom made extra long chicken loop and trimmer strap range could > help along with a BIG directional board to deal with the lessor kite > power. The big board, 7 to 9 ft. depending on kite size and body > weight may help with the staying upwind part. I've been considering...
    aussiedurko Sep 8, 2003
  • --- In kitesurf@^$1, "flkitesurfer" wrote: > That sounds frustrating to say the very least Durko. Where do you > ride and what are the winds normally like, that is average wind > speed and gust range? I'm in the Central Tablelands of New South Wales Aust. I use Carcoar Dam mostely also Lake Wyangan, Wyangla Dam and Lake Cargelligo. Average gusts are around 10 Knts higher than the...
    aussiedurko Sep 6, 2003
  • I've been trying to learn kiteboarding on inland dams for over two years now and I am still not past the beginners stage. Inland might be so-so for experienced kites, but it is just plain dangerous , for a beginner. Anyone contemplating selling a kite to someone living more than 100Kms from the coast should consider their actions reckless. Any kite that is safe enough to use inland...
    aussiedurko Sep 5, 2003
  • Thanks for the reply. I've had the opperation 5 weeks ago & still must wait another 6. Alls well & it should be as strong as before but you must exercise. I'll watch this summer pass me by & get ready for the next. peter _________________________________________________________________ Send and receive Hotmail on your mobile device: http://mobile.msn.com
    Peter Durkin Dec 18, 2001
  • Whats this about Helium in Inflatables??? Would it really work?????..I would love to know more about it. OK I'm kidding. But you should be careful!
    peterdurkin@hotmail.com Oct 26, 2001
  • Thanks everyone for your replies. History: I originally pulled my shoulder out 4 years ago on a kneeboard.I recovered completelly & was back on the water in 5 weeks. I put this down to following the exercise regime given me by Physio. Three weeks ago I lost my Harness in the water & accidentally flew the kite through the power zone while on the beach.When I landed my arms were...
    peterdurkin@hotmail.com Oct 22, 2001