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  • Featuring two Langebaan locals ripping it up at the 'Baan. Alan Steele is 18 years old and kicks out some sick moves in this video. Sjoukje Breedenkamp is only 15 years old, but even more mind-blowing than that is that she's a chick that will teach most of the guys including myself a thing or two about kiting. To download the video, right-click the link and click save as http://www...
    kitesurfcapetown Mar 1, 2004
  • Hi all Thought you guys might be interested in a Kiteboarding Screensaver... Download it directly by clicking on the link : http://www.ikiteboarding.com/ikiteboarding.scr Carlo
    kitesurfcapetown Feb 16, 2004
  • True, but like I said the main reason, and not the only reason. I am considering the UDS due to it's extra depower capabilities and freebar features too, but the biggest plus to me is still the spinning leash... --- In kitesurf@^$1, "Chris Glazier" > No, the main reasons for using the UDS are the free bar feature and > extra depower capability. If all you want is a spinning leash...
    kitesurfcapetown Feb 12, 2004
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  • As far as I am aware, the first batch of Aero 2's had a stiching problem that made the kites really nervous, and they were recalled. Not aware of any of the newer kites that had any problems... Carlo http://www.ikiteboarding.com --- In kitesurf@^$1, "m2high2fly" wrote: > Is anyone aware of a recall by Naish on some of their kites? If so > what are the models/year or serial numbers...
    kitesurfcapetown Feb 12, 2004
  • Hi Joe I have done a test on the UDS, but only used it in light wind conditions. I am considering buying one for myself. The only possible gripe I have about the bar is the fact that you now have on extra safety release to pull, should the ##%#^ hit the fan... Other than that - it's all good, as I find the X2 bar a good bar as it is. The main reason for me moving to the UDS bar is...
    kitesurfcapetown Feb 12, 2004
  • Pete Cabrinha interview at iKiteboarding.com - ask your own questions. This is your chance to ask an Hawaiian waterman Whats Up? All you have to do is ask your questions Ie: What is your preferred riding style wake or freestyle? Ask your questions here: http://forum.ikiteboarding.com/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=1436
    kitesurfcapetown Jul 1, 2003
  • Go to http://forum.ikiteboarding.com/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=1416 to download the videos Carlo
    kitesurfcapetown Jun 26, 2003
  • Hi all Here is a step by step pictorial on how to roll up your lines in the water when you dropped your kite without getting tangled in them. The article also covers how to self rescue by using your kite as a life raft to drift you toward shore. Read the article at: http://www.ikiteboarding.com/article_detail.aspx? id=78 Carlo
    kitesurfcapetown Jun 17, 2003
  • Hi all Herewith 2 kiteboarding video clips I made. http://www.ikiteboarding.com/videos/ikiteboarding.avi is about kiteboarding in South Africa and shows various locations in South Africa. Size: 2.4 mb http://www.ikiteboarding.com/videos/Catman_Freestyle.avi is a collection of freestyle manouvres that I took of Sebastien Catelan (No. 3 in the World) during his recent 4 month stay in...
    kitesurfcapetown Apr 2, 2003
  • ...to 22 knots. > > > > could u please paste ur review on so i can hav a squiz.. > > Rosey. > > > > > > > > --- In kitesurf@^$2, "kitesurfcapetown > > " wrote: > > > Hi All > > > > > > I reviewed the 2003 Caution 12 > > > > > > The review is a http://www.ikiteboarding.com/article...
    kitesurfcapetown <kitesurfcapetown@yahoo Feb 24, 2003