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  • Mulder B.E. (Ben)
    I have been buggying for 7 years now and have never use lines stronger than 150 kgs and I am usually overpowered. I am 1.90 m (6 ft 5) and 90 kg heavy but even
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 3, 1998
      I have been buggying for 7 years now and have never use lines stronger than
      150 kgs and I am usually overpowered. I am 1.90 m (6 ft 5) and 90 kg heavy
      but even with a crash or other emergencies I never broke a line unless the
      lines got cut by something (like barbed wire, kevlar lines of other kiter,
      seagull, boeing 747-400)
      I am quite new to kitesurfing as well but I tend to use stronger lines than
      with buggying because the strain on the lines are greater with a crash in
      the water than on land. On land you just get dragged along and so relieving
      high strain on the lines. You can imaging that there is higher strain on the
      lines when you go under water and the kite wants to go further. Once you are
      airborn there is little strain. ('to air is human!' says Cory)
      Furthermore I would like to react again on the of upwind capabilities
      comparing two- and four lined kites. I'm very sorry Pierce that I dared to
      comment on the master himself but... I am convinced that if you put up the
      same kites only one with two and the other with four lines of equal length,
      and note that I say equal length, the two lined kite flies more into the
      wind than the four lined. The remark that you can control a four lined kite
      better in that edge-area is a very sensible one. So maybe yes, you have a
      better upwind course with a four lined kite but because of better
      controlability but not performance. If I dive a two lined kite from high up
      to the edge of the windwindow that kite gets more speed than when you hold a
      four lined kite still in the same position (what most tend to do) and so you
      yourself get more speed. Don't get me wrong, I will probably be flying my
      four lined kites more, as I do with buggying, just because of controlability
      but I think that a two lined kite can perform better. I set my buggy
      speedrecord with a two lined framed kite.
      I have a set of 4 lines for my standard Quadrifoils of only 5 metres. Great
      performance in the windwindow but it overtakes you all the time, collapses,
      catches the wind again almost yanking you out the the buggy... really cool
      with high speed! ;-) But it can give you an advantage during a race. The
      longest set of 4 lines of me are 22 metres. The longest set of 2 lines of me
      are 45 metres.

      >>In a german kitemagazin was an article about some tests
      >>with different lines.
      >>result for traction you only need lines of 3/4 of the pilots
      weight, you
      >>do not need lines for 200 kg.

      >then consider when you are about to go for a jump and the wave lip
      >down on you and pushes you to the bottom of the sea - then you are
      >about more than your weight ! maybe three times (you need a safety
      >!! )- if you are an 80 kg flysurfer (with board and acessories)
      then you
      >need 80 * 3 = 240 kg. Also the knots to connect weaken the lines -
      >when protected i heard that by 30% (ok, i am not sure)

      >so 200 kg lines minus 30% can each hold 140 kg = total of 280 kg =
      >to the 240 above
      >sounds like 200 kg lines are about right !!

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