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[ksurf] Re: Wakeboard, kiteboard or modfided surfboard ???

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  • damon@suncity.gen.nz
    On Dec 29, 1999 09:50pm, KITESURF@EGROUPS.COM wrote to DAMON ROSE: Hi Stan, ... When I first got interisted in kitesurfing I was told it much easer if you have
    Message 1 of 18 , Jan 1, 2000
      On Dec 29, 1999 09:50pm, KITESURF@... wrote to DAMON ROSE:

      Hi Stan,

      > You are lucky that you have kite skills..I had none, just 25 years of

      When I first got interisted in kitesurfing I was told it much easer if you
      have kite skills as balancing on a board and learning to fly a kite at the
      same time make it hard so I got a buggy and have spent lots of time on that
      sure helps with tricks as when you get the kite in the power zone behind your
      back its nice to know what to do with it, rather than it drag you out of
      control. practicing constant power pulls like on two wheels was another one I
      was told helped, just need my board to come and I will find out {Big Grin}

      > Get a comfortable flotation vest,,also protects your ribs and
      > stomach...You will see. Its nice to have the protection.
      > . O'neil makes a really good one..I took an old ancient windsurfing

      I tried to get from our local shops but they only have a windsurfer vest more
      like a rain coat but with rubber sleave ends and neck and wast bands no real
      flotation or protection, but will keep looking, as I know what you mean about
      protection brused ribs are no fun I know from water skiing and (face plant
      boards ) knee boarding that the water is real hard.

      > floatation....When you waterstart you want to relax while floating on
      > your back, makes it really easy to get into footstraps, also It keeps
      > your head above water...

      That sound like a really good suggestion thank again for your tips.


      Yep the old moutain bike is going to get a bit more of a work out to as I am
      not fit.

      Regards Damon (damon@...)
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